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Diagnosis 1&2 2019 body paint print, ink, acrylic paint, embroidery and lino cut on sheets.

During the two years living with with breast cancer I have been asking: what is beauty? Who is a beautiful woman? When am I a whole woman? What roles do the breasts have in my body? How much are breasts for milk or sensual body parts? How much do they formulate my identity as a human being?

There is a whole bunch of feelings I am dealing with: such as fear, sadness, anger, envy... and yes, there are joy and happiness. I have been making self-portraits in different situations with varying techniques. The works Diagnosis 1 & 2, which were on display in Alkmaar, are mixed media works on sheets. Diagnosis 1 shows my bust after mastectomy with the embroidered text of the cryptic, latin diagnosis. Diagnosis 2 is about my broken spine. The anti-hormone medicine, which is an adjuvant treatment medication to prevent the relapse of breast cancer, caused osteoporosis and literally broke my spine.

In spite of the very intimate themes my works deal with human life in general. Vulnerability with its different forms are always present in our lives and in this world.

100% VROUW: international art exhibition incl. music programm:

From 24 – 27 October 2019 we organize a big international art exhibition “100% FEMALE” in the Grand Church of Alkmaar (35 Km north of Amsterdam). The international exhibition “100% FEMALE” aims to correct the stereotypical representation of women. We want to reflect on a more realistic representation of the role women play in our societies. Not an activist-kind of exhibition, but a gentle action to give a face to the diversity of women in our societies. Not by banning artworks to the basement of our culture, but to add and complete.

100 Female artists from all corners of this earth will show their art in a stunning Mediaval church. The exhibition will be accompanied with a programm of female singer-/songwriters.

100% VROUW 24 – 27 October 2019 Grand or St. Laurens Church Alkmaar Alkmaar the Netherlands

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