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Samples of my recent paintings. Poimintoja viimeaikaisesta maalausprosessista.

Marras maisema / November views

Lumi on mennyt ja päivät ovat sumuisia ja pimeitä. Valo, se vähäinen, on kuitenkin ihmeen kaunis ja lohdullinen. Marras maalautuu vaivihkaa. Snow is gone and the days are misty. Dim light is soft and beautiful. November sneaks secretly into my paintings.

Ultimate Darkness

Recently the most important color for me has been golden yellow, the color of light. Via painting I am trying to see and examine light in dusky.Today @Tampere, 61.5°N 23.75°E, sun rised at 8:28 and it will set soon: at 15:50. It is a cloudy and dusk day, fluffy snow is slowly turning wet. I can not get used to this dark period though I´ve learned to see the beauty of the dim light of November. And, yes, I am trying to find sanity, hope, peace and love in the world of today. That is my Winter Salon, the theme of the AC ( Art Challenge ) this week. Our host is Stefanie Seltner Thank you, Stefanie!

Winter Approach

Views from the garden and a detail of my painting (116 x 270cm!) in progress. What is actually celebrated these days in Finland: All Saints day For adults, in Finland the whole Halloween idea isn’t about costumes or candy. The tradition is to celebrate – and commemorate – All Saints day. This is how Finns celebrate All Saints: they go to a cemetery and light thousands of candles All Saints day in Finland is celebrated the first Saturday after the 30th of October, and is a great day to go to the cemetery with the whole family, to visit and honor relatives by lighting candles, and to see how everyone else has done the same, making the view of the entire cemetery a very solemn and spectacular s



aiemmin/earlier blog: Vivere est

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