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In the Peace of Mind

It has been a cold spring: like a never ending winter. Anyway, I have enjoyed the increasing light. And how wonderful it was to have a warm and sunny week end. We spent it in our little summer place in Rauma by the sea. Actually Vakaskari is a little island.

Sunday morning was calm and filled with birdsong. How healing all that was to my recovering body and soul.

Thank you for your kindness, love, company and support to my spouse. It has been a hard spring for both of us.

See more about my breast cancer story: Mammaca.

You´ll find a few lines in English at the end of each post.

tells how it all started in February.


Mun mielenrauhan maisemassa oli ihana viettää kevään ensimmäinen lämmin viikonloppu rakkaan puolison kanssa. Nautimme mökin kevätpuuhista, auringosta, lämmöstä ja mainiosta ruuasta. Meillä molemmilla on ollut rankka kevät. Pahin lienee ohi, mutta toipuminen ottaa näköjään oman aikansa.

Mun rintasyöpätarina jatkuu myös blogissa Mammaca.

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