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Kaiho ja unhola / Saudade&Oblivion

November 05, 2020

The central themes of the study ( Master of Fine Arts) were memory, early memory images and related nostalgia. How they manifest in artistic work and how they affect an artist’s identity and understanding of the course of life?


The artistic work started with the earliest memories seeking answers to things that were not remembered. The study is about the essence of memory and nostalgia. How is nostalgia different from melancholy and depression? Existential and social loneliness, the construction of identity, memories and senses, the nostalgia of place and the concept of home also came into consideration. The themes were examined based on scientific research; cultural, linguistic, memory, psychological and artistic research.


The work moved into different areas of art and expression. Memory images were related to objects, people, and places. Therefore, the works show the traditional genres of painting: still life, portrait and landscape painting and their interpretations. The transition from the painting process to installations became a beautiful part of the workflow. The delicate and intimate materials and techniques on the installations were a smooth part of the content and meaning of the works.



SEPÄN TALO 22th May – 17th June 2015


Tarja Kyllijoki, Katariina Mannio, Irene Rogan and Leena Vainio


Four Artists are working experimentally, exploring the intersection between human life, art and science at Sepän talo.


with dancer Sini Muranen (Vainio) 


Umami, a savory taste, is one of the five  basic tastes together with  sweet sour, bitter and salty                

A loanword from the Japanese, umami can be translated "pleasant savory taste". This project is a process, improvisation and discussion between senses, between a dancer and a painter  And no doubt it is about a mother and a daughter

Baren Baren

Exhibitions with Baren Baren art group 2011-

Pink Punch

solo exhibitions & performance

Pink Punch  project is about the image of woman make up advertising create


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exhibitions with artist Heli Innala 
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Leena Vainio  gsm:  +358408618415 /e mail:

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