Leena Vainio Visual artist MA/ Kuvataiteilija  YAMK

"I mix colors. It is like a meditation. I work intensively and intuitively. Layers on canvas formulate surface and depth; they are mirror images of mind. There are echoes of vulnerability and fragility. And there are happiness and joy.

I am searching desperately for beauty in my life, art work and in this world. My works tell about my personal life. There are fragments of dreams, states of mind, memories and nature. In the installations there can be seen the same themes and dynamics."

Leena Vainio

Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Kymi, Lahti
(solo exhibition)

Mitä jäljelle jää / Remains
Galleria Gjutars, Vantaa
(solo exhibition)

Pehmeä puoli
Galleria Moletti, Forssan museo
(group exhibition)



Leena Vainio +358408618415 lmvainio@gmail.com / copyright Leena Vainio © 

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