Artsumu   Artblurred by Leena      


Glögiuutteen äärellä tuoksuu joulu. Padassa porisee hiljalleen kanelitangot, laakerinlehdet, pippurit, kardemumma, inkivääri, neilikat, luomumandariininlohkot... Liemi on veden, fariinisokerin  ja kuusenkerkkäsiirapin seos. Kuusenkerkkäsiirappi on itse keitetty ja kerk...



Recently the most important color for me has been golden yellow, the color of light. Via painting I am trying to see and examine light in dusky.Today @Tampere, 61.5°N 23.75°E, sun rised at 8:28 and it will set soon: at 15:50. It is a cloudy and dusk day, fluffy...


 Views from the garden and a detail of my painting (116 x 270cm!) in progress.

What is actually celebrated these days in Finland:

All Saints day

For adults, in Finland the whole Halloween idea isn’t about costumes or candy. The tradition is to celebrate – and commem...

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aiemmin/earlier blog: Vivere est

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