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These daily photos are pics and pieces of my recent working/works in progress at the studio.

Daily is also the theme of AC ( Art Challenge*) of the week, hosted by Ariane from the beautiful blog Rose.

*How it works: 

if you want to join, leave a comment to the h...



Recently the most important color for me has been golden yellow, the color of light. Via painting I am trying to see and examine light in dusky.Today @Tampere, 61.5°N 23.75°E, sun rised at 8:28 and it will set soon: at 15:50. It is a cloudy and dusk day, fluffy...


 Views from the garden and a detail of my painting (116 x 270cm!) in progress.

What is actually celebrated these days in Finland:

All Saints day

For adults, in Finland the whole Halloween idea isn’t about costumes or candy. The tradition is to celebrate – and commem...

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aiemmin/earlier blog: Vivere est

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